Level editor

In this game you have opportunity to use ‘Level Editor’ option, you can build your own custom maps and write your own scenario.

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Different characters

There are so many different characters in full version of the game, they all are hilarious and they all have unique abilities.

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Popular on YouTube

Check different trending YouTube videos of this game and have fun, top bloggers are so funny and creative with Happy Wheels.

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Hey guys, what is up, instead of boring intro I want to dive into details and details are following –

Controls of the game are pretty simple and easy:

arrow buttons keyboardWith a help of arrow buttons you can change direction,
z button – if your character is in danger click Z button on your keyboard,
space bar button keyboardhit space in order to trigger your primary action and what else,
ctrl button keyboard – oh yeah you have secondary action as well which can be activated with a help of Ctrl button (again it is located on your keyboard).

You now know everything about controls of the game rest you can find out all by yourself, I just want to add that Full Version of Happy Wheels game is really amazing and funny, there tons of different tacks, characters and also decent sound decoration (so don’t mute this game enjoy those funny sounds). This game was developing for a while (in fact, it was developing for years, author added new features, track, etc. and it was becoming more and more complicated and interesting) so I don’t think it will boring. Enjoy your time with this amazing flash game guys.

Before leaving I wanted to show you this funny video, some of you might know this video already, it is so hilarious 😀

Download Happy Wheels in ZIP archive and play it in offline mode.