Shift or Ctrl – secondary action
Z – eject
Space bar – primary action (after ejecting: grab)

Up arrow key – accelerate
Down arrow key – decelerate
Left arrow key – lean back
Right arrow key – lean forward

Your main goal in the game is to reach finish line… alive…
You see there are many different obstacles along the way, they are hard to overcome, I mean really hard, like super hard, you might die several times before you will figure out how to handle these obstacles. Game also has scenario, it is not just another mindless racing game, in order to finish maps you will have to do specific things, remember game is not really focused on speed as much as on survival, I guess we can call Happy Wheels survival racing game.

Happy Wheels unblocked is one of the most popular online game out there, developed and designed by Jim Bonacci this game captured hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. Main thing what attracts people is its unique dark humor, game is hard and funny at the same much, its characters are iconic and hilarious, you can find also crazy maps which feature some mind-blowing scenarios and they are so entertaining and addicting that you wont resist playing it for hours, you will get addicted, trust me I know what I’m talking about. Oh and game also has ragdoll physics system, making its movements super realistic, another reason why game is so popular is also YouTubers, many professional VBlogers record their gameplay and they share those video which get millions of views, by the way you can watch those videos if you can’t handle some of the maps in the game.

Like I have said before game is very popular, this gives us huge community, tons of videos on YouTube, tons of fan made artworks, tons of different cosplayers and many more. You can find also find different funny memes and things like that. Happy Wheels has crazy community and a lot of those peoples are super creative so you won’t feel bored with us. Another important thing to mention is that Jim Bonacci gave us opportunity to build our own maps, with our own scenarios, obstacles, in-game characters and things like that, if you think that you have creative mind and that you can build awesome map go for it, we would love to see it, plus you can share your map with other gamers online.

In the end:
This is not your ordinary flash game, it is complicated and funny world filled with different iconic characters, with dark humor, with obstacles, with explosions, with fire, with spikes, etc. and you will have to overcome all of this in your unique way and reach finish line with the most of your body parts in place.

P.S. Check this video guide if you find some difficulties in playing game and don’t forget to leave you comments below about this game, we would love to hear you opinion.