Impossible Quiz

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. So today I want to talk about Impossible Quiz game, it is pretty awesome and unique online game with different questions and sometimes illogical answers.

So unlike other dull quiz games out there here you will encounter some crazy questions with hilarious answers. Game has its own logic, its own rules and its own ways of thinking.

When starting playing, try to change your way of thinking, try to find new methods, think outside the box, because otherwise you will fail in this game miserably. For example take a look on the following question:
which one is bigger?

At first glance answer looks simple, you will say ‘of course galaxy is bigger’, but here is a trick, names Galaxy and Mars aren’t really considered as celestial objects, but they are considered as name of candy bars. From this perspective since we don’t know any popular snack named ‘Moon’ we can say that Moon is bigger than chocolate Galaxy and Mars. You get the point here right? Like I have said before game has its own logic, change your mindset and you will succeed.

There are other crazy questions in the game, more than fifty in fact and they all are creative and interesting. This is exactly why game gained so much popularity.

Now It is important to note that there are different versions of the game (releases), From chapter book one and ending with chapter book five.

Main benefits of the game are light humor, funny/creative questions, awesome design, hilarious characters, etc. Game is perfect if you are stressed and if you are looking for some ways to kill time at work.

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