Run 3

When it comes to running games I just can’t avoid mentioning of popular Run 3, this is third part of the game. Main changes in this new version include of course graphic improvements (game now looks far more realistic), amazing new sound which creates realistic atmosphere and other small changes, like bug fixes, etc.

Story and benefits
Story of the game is pretty much the same as before: you play as a guy who got lost in the maze of challenging area, in order to survive and succeed you will have to work really hard, you will have to run/jump/avoid non-stop. Obstacles (such as holes, traps, etc.) appear out of nowhere and you have little time to react, one second of hesitation or one small mistake and you are dead! Watch your step really carefully as even minor mistake can cost you a life.
Run 3 Unblocked is basically focused on the speed and the ability to make decisions fast, in fact playing this game can improve your abilities in these specific areas: fast thinking, fast decision making & your attention, cool right? Not only you will enjoy your time playing it, but you will also gain some benefits from it.

Challenge and speed
As always very first stages of the game are slow and easy to overcome, but shit gets real when you start to play in higher levels, obstacles are getting more complicated and hard to detect and speed of the game increases dramatically.

Controls of the game include two different options:

First options (A,D,W)

A – left directions
D – right direction
W – jump over obstacle

Second options (Arrow buttons)

Left arrow button – left directions
Right arrow button – right direction
Up arrow button – jump over obstacle

P.S. You may also use space button for jumping, I think it is easier since nearly all games use space bar as a jump.

As you can see nothing complicated here, controls are simple and comfortable in using.

Well what else can I say? Make sure that you jump over all barricades, avoid the ones which can be avoided and run, run for your life and survive this creepy maze!

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