Tank Trouble

Back in my childhood I used to play with my cousin different console games, with two player mode we used to play together Mario, Tanks, Looney Tunes, Contra later on we switched to PS 1 and our favorite game there was Twisted Metal 4. We loved TM 4 so much that we played it all day long, over and over again, it took us decent amount of the time to reach final boss Sweat Tooth, his ultimate was OP and it was pretty hard to defeat him.

Those were some amazing times, awesome childhood memories…

So after all these years I still play different PC games (so does my cousin), we play from time to time Dota 2, I also play with my friends COD BO4 (both multiplayer and blackout modes), but from time to time I also enjoy playing flash games, they are simple, easy to manage and they don’t require to install anything.
I know that there are thousands of flash games out there, but right now I want to talk about Tank Trouble game series, there are different releases of the game, each release is unique and different in its own way, some versions have four player mode, some only involve solo gaming vs AI named Laika.

Solo gaming is interesting, your opponent Laika is super tough and extremely hard to defeat, he has outstanding aim and can use different power-ups (special weapons like lasers, rockets, mini guns, etc.). However, nothing compares to good old multiplayer games, in this case Tank Trouble has a lot to offer.

Two player mode is perfect for 1 vs 1 duels, you and your opponent are face to face in maze and you must use different weapons and equipment to destroy your enemy’s tank. Game has some interesting tricks as well, for example ricochet. You can shoot your shells at the wall under specific angle and they will ricochet and fly further, you can use this option to shoot your opponents that hide in corners (shells can ricochet from walls couple of times if you will calculate angle well).

Three player mode is total madness, three tanks in small maze, power-ups which pop-up all across the map and intensified battles. Fun mode with crazy fighting scenes and thrill.

Game is pretty simple, yet it is very entertaining.

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